April Challenge

Throughout the month of April we will offer a weekly nearest the pin challenge, each week there will be a new hole to take on. You will need to sign up only once through the Playsport Golf website but each week you will need to sign up for each individual toptracer event so you appear on the weekly leaderboard. See the weekly nearest the pin holes below.

The Prizes


£50 Driving Range Credit


£30 Driving Range Credit


£20 Driving Range Credit

Nothing….this is a free event to enter.

You can sign up at the link below, all we need is your name, email address, contact number and toptracer username. This will be you signing up for the months worth of events, each individual event you will need to enter on a weekly basis through the toptracer app.

Assuming you have signed up for the month through the Playsport Golf app, you will be able to see the individual monthly event in the toptracer app under “Range Events” on the home page.

The winner will be the player with the lowest cumulative total over the 4 weeks worth of events.

Each player will be given a score in feet and inches for the hole. At the end of each week players will have their scores converted into inches and the player with the lowest total inches across the 4 weeks will be the winner.

You can play the event as often as you like throughout the week, your closest shot will be the one that counts.

If you miss a week you will automatically be issued with 600 inches.

The Courses and Dates

The Belfry - 45 Yards
Spyglass Hill - 75 Yards
Spyglass Hill - 95 Yards
PGA National - 116 Yards