Membership Feedback

This is anonymous so please be as honest as possible as it will help me shape up things for next year and give a good starting point for things to discuss at the AGM, I am not promising that we will be able to address every point, but it would be a starter


Number of events
Too ManyJust RightToo Few

If too few then please, suggest any additional events you would feel would be good to see:

Type of events
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How do you feel the condition of the course has been this year

Is there any areas you feel the course could be improved upon?


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Do you feel you get good value for money out of your membership?

If no, please list why and if there is anything that we can do to alleviate your concern?


How do you feel the staff have been this year?
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Any other information that you would like to share about your membership, the course or anything else along those lines?