Playsport Golf Junior Academy

…so what’s involved?


Our aim is to introduce kids into golf, not just standing hitting balls off a mat but actually getting out on to the course and learning to play!  We do this with a structured approach using the full range of facilties availble to us on the range, short game practice area and our fantastic 9-hole golf course under the guidance of our PGA coaching team.


The Playsport Junior Golf Academy provides a pathway for kids to progress into competent goflers, providing them with the knowledge and skills to ensure they can enjoy playing the game of golf for years to come…


This stage of our pathway is spread over 28 weeks of coaching splitting into four blocks of seven sessions aimed at primary 5/6 aged kids.  On completion, there is the option to repeat the course for a second and third year with the intensity of each block increasing as we progress.


Each 28 week block is charged at £95


Our ideal scenario being that the group of kids who start off together continue the journey together through into club membership.


For those wishing to follow our pathway beyond the Playsport Junior Golf Academy, the next stage is our Playsport Junior Golf Club Membership which we offer to kids aged 11-16yrs (secondary school age).  This is a direct debit monthly subscription based membership including one-to-one lessons, group based coaching and competitions, club membership plus a range of facility discounts.


We have 2 taster sessions remaining on Sunday 22/03 and Sunday 29/03, these are simply a fun way to meet the pros and see if you want to join our new Playsport Junior Golf Academy…



Below is a sample of the syllabus that the professionals will be following over the 28 weeks


Block 1:

By the end of the stage the kids will know some rules and etiquette and be able to achieve 5 of 10 skills.


Week 1:                 Set up & swing shape.  Golf rule:     Layout of golf course.  Etiquette: Manners and behaviour

Week 2:                 Power & Accuracy.                              Expand on golf course layout

Week 3:                 Introduction to short game.  Pitching, when to and when not to use.  Rules and Etiquette

Week 4:                 Putting, short game, chipping (sportsmanship)

Week 5:                Driving & Fairway woods

Week 6:                 How to Play the Course.     Longer session with on-course activity

14th June                Assessment Week.  Games and fun competitions.  End of session report card issued.


Block 2:

By this level we expect the kids to have increased level of skill and knowledge of how clubs work, when to use them and how to play the golf course.  Introduce competitions and different formats. Pass 7 out of 10 skills.


Week 1:                 Revisit set up on all clubs (checkpoints). Rules on honesty (examples)

Week 2:                 Swing control – height of ball and understand what it does (Matchplay)

Week 3:                 Putting – reading greens – slope, speed, Matchplay (Gimmies)

Week 4:                 Chipping week – using different clubs in the bag, what clubs do loft etc.

Week 5:                 Driving – High drives, low (tee)

Week 6:                 Strokeplay week (short game focussed) marking score cards

Week 7:                 Assessment week. Combination of Matchplay and Strokeplay. Competitions and report card


Block 3:

Increased independent practice and use of record sheets with rewards!  By this stage we are looking to get the kids ready to play the blue course.  All our young golfers will be able to complete a few of the holes in a flag format.  PJGA kids will have competency in driving and putting skills with an average level of short game skills.


Putting from 20 feet                          Hitting the ball over an obstacle                      Hitting the ball 100 yards


Week 1:                 How far do I hit it? Using different clubs, weather conditions

Week 2:                 Swing work, increase skill & consistency. Keeping score, marking card

Week 3:                 Short game work. Tricky shots, long grass etc.

Week 4:                 Putting skills – control, rules of green, handicap introduction, games to build confidence

Week 5:                 Long game week – safety on the course. Pre-shot routine.

Week 6:                 Game week – work on all areas for competition in week 7. Create teams.

Week 7:                 Assessment week (Flag event) Competition & Games.  Report card issued


Block 4 (Phase 4)

By this stage our young golfers will be able to show a good understanding of how the swing works and a consistent level of play.  Able to complete most of our skills tests. Able to complete a 5-hole flag event.


Putting accuracy                   Hight control                        Increase driver distance                     Green in 50yrds


Week 1:                 Winter catch-up! Revisit all the basics.  Introduce Wrong Ball Rule

Week 2:                 Uphill/downhill lies. More introduction to types of games (Stableford)

Week 3:                 Ball above/below feet. Using different clubs and what it will do.

Week 4:                 Bunkers. Rules (not focussing on club touching the ground at this stage)

Week 5:                 Driving – Increasing Power. Fitness and spread games

Week 6:                 Assessment and Competition Week.  Scoring all the shots learns through the course.

Week 7:                 Playsport Junior Golf Academy FLAG CHALLENGE in association with JFC SCOTLAND

Junior Summer Camps

Junior golfer

Our Junior Summer Camps are now available to book through reception.

Classes run Monday – Thursday 10-12 and Friday 10-2. Each class will cover all aspects of the game, so whether your child is new to the game or a little more advanced there is plenty to be gained from attending our Summer Camps….all children booked into any of the camps get free access to the golf course and half price balls on the driving range all summer!!

Don’t delay, get a spot booked today by call reception on 01355 575 980

Statistics and the Science of Putting

We have all been there…..missing putts can be the difference between a good score and a great one (or a dreadful one!!)

Everyone is striving to get the most out of their game and all to often that means buying a new club, changing ball, getting a lesson or just accepting there is no hope. Very seldom do golfers take a look at their putting and see what room there is for improvement. Statistically 43% of the average golfers shots are taken up with the shortest club in the bag, surely shaving a few shots off a round would make all the difference?! And with the shortest swing of any club it is the most straightforward to get correct!

Here at Playsport Golf we have a new bit of kit, introducing the Sam PuttLab.

SAM PuttLab analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient training.

Within seconds the system gives you an individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies.

SAM PuttLab utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis and therefore is far more precise than any other similar system on the market.

We are holding a free Sam PuttLab clinic on Thursday 1st June 7-8pm with Tim Absalom, so come along and find out what difference it can make for your game. With spaces being limited booking is essential, so please call us on 01355 575 980 to book your slot.


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