At the heart of everything we do, our PGA Coaching Centre boasts two double bays and one single tech bay providing the ideal location to learn the game and fine-tune your golf with our experienced coaching team.

Trackman Golf

TrackMan technology provides you with the most accurate feedback in the industry. The TrackMan numbers are divided into 2 main categories; ball flight data and club data. Knowing your TrackMan numbers is essential to understand and improve your golf swing.

Trackman data
Golf practice
GASP Systems

The Industry standard for PGA Pros providing high quality computerised video swing analysis. Being able to put precise angle measurements to spine, arm flex & general posture positions, means no more guess work & only accurate improvement monitoring from here on in.


K-Vest is an all-in-one wireless system that instantaneously measures players’ power signatures and 3D data. The system that assesses player characteristics and generates insightful reports. The system that automatically flows those reports into a powerful coaching and training program builder.

K Vest
Golf exercise
Golf fit

Your golf can only be as good as your body allows it to be. Our golf-specific fitness partners can identify weaknesses in mobility, stability, balance and power allowing them to design and implement and individual programme to target these areas.

Short Game

Our large USGA specification green is surrounded by a wide choice of chipping and pitching areas plus a full size bunker. Around 80% of golf shots are played within 100 yards of the green, and almost half of these with the putter, which makes the short game facility the ideal place to work on reducing your handicap.

Meet our Professionals

Peter Scanlan

Peter Scanlan

Peter started playing at the age of six going on to represent Lanarkshire in the Fairhaven Trophy at Lytham St Annes. Having decided against offers of American scholarships, Peter started working at Playsport Golf and turned pro in 2011. Throughout his four year PGA Degree Course Peter cut his teeth coaching the juniors and has developed this into the very successful YMG programme we now offer. Peter prefers to work with each individual players capability rather than applying a one swing fits all attitude and keeps his lessons as simple as possible. Peter still holds the course record on our Heritage Links course.


Our PGA professionals provide you with the opportunity to learn the game and fine-tune your golf using the most advanced coaching technology available. From beginner to advanced, whether you’re after a quick fix or a structured long-term development programme, our lessons cover all aspects of the swing and whole game from driving to putting.

- Individual One-to-one Lessons:

Junior 30min lesson: £20

Adult 30min lesson: £30

Adult 60min lesson: £50

(All lessons include 30 warm up balls)

- Individual One-to-one Lesson Programmes:

Junior 4 x 30min lessons: £70

Adult 4 x 60min lessons: £160


(You can access our group coaching session for half price when you’ve purchased a lesson programme)

Short Game Lesson ~ £50

Chipping, pitching, putting and bunkers – work on your game around the green and see your scoring improve and handicap tumble! Stay on for as long as you wish after your lesson to practice.

All-In-One Lesson ~ £99

60 min. playing lesson followed by two half hour sessions on the short game or in the studio, this popular package is great for overall game improvement or as a gift.

The Game Changer ~ £150

Ideal pre-season preparation or mid-season rescue! Overall assessment of your game and course management with a 9-hole playing lesson followed by 4 x 30 min. lessons to work in detail on the weakest points of your game.

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Group Coaching

Our group coaching sessions are an ideal way for beginner golfers to start improving their game and for more experienced players to practice under the watchful eye of our PGA coaching team. Group coaching sessions include 100 balls and are available on a pay-as-you-go basis at £10 per session or buy purchasing a block of four for £30. Mondays & Thursdays at 8pm.

Young Masters Golf

YMG offers 9 stages of development from Cadets to Masters 4, with full course guides and handouts to build a record of your golf education as you learn to play golf.

Each of the 9 stages is delivered over eight week blocks of 90 min sessions charged at only £60 – equivalent to £7.50 per session, participants receive the most inclusive and comprehensive golf coaching programme around!

Blocks run throughout school term times and avoid holiday periods.

- Call us on 01355 575980 to find out more!

Give the gift of golf!

Our gift vouchers are available to purchase from reception or over the phone and can be redeemed against all Playsport Golf products and activities, plus within the onsite American Golf superstore.

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