PGA Assessment Sessions

Assessment Session (up to 60 mins.)


Comprehensive swing and ball-control evaluation allowing our PGA Professionals to get a full understanding of your strengths and weaknesses enabling them to tailor a specific development programme for you.


Our professionals will use all the technology that we have available such as MySwing, K-Vest, TrackMan, Flightscope and GASP to give them all the information they need to build up a profile about you. This will also give them a bank of information to refer back to throughout the course of your lessons. Within the Assessment Sessions you will also set goals that you would like to achieve over the next 6 months.

TrackMan Combine

TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Discover the clear correlation between your TrackMan Combine results and your success on the golf course.


Each TrackMan Combine test takes place in our PGA Coaching centre with our PGA Professionals who can give you some tips along the way.

Its a great idea to take a Combine test before and after a  block of lessons to keep track of the progress you have made along the way!

If you have any questions then please give our reception a call on 01355 575 980 and one of the Professionals will be able to answer your question

Welcome to the new Playsport Golf website


Welcome to our new website. We have redesigned the website around the core areas of the business with a view to delivering you the information that you want and the news you need to read about.


Here are a few of the changes that we’d like to highlight:


  • You will be able to view our website from whatever device you are using, be it desktop, tablets and phones
  • You can now find all the information you need easier and far quicker than before
  • Browse through all our Heritage Links Golf Club fixtures and see the results posted here on the website
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This is our initial launch, we promise we will continue to develop the website and add new features as we go. So please take some time to have a look about the website and if you can think on anything that we might have missed or something you would like to see then drop us an email at



The Playsport Golf Team